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Responsible design is responsible living.

Well Built was born from the idea that design is powerful and can be a platform for positive change. Inspired by design that enhances sustainability, efficiency and interactivity, Well Built showcases products that are developed using eco-responsible practices. We aspire to manifest a communal exchange of ideas and information: to effectively empower smart choices for the way we live, play, work and breathe.

Well Built Interiors

Inspired by design that enhances conscientiousness in the spaces we inhabit, Well Built design consultants create beautiful living and working interior spaces. We collaborate with smart designers and small companies that share our vision. Between the two partners: Ann, Founder of Well Built Furniture, a design fanatic with LEED credentials; and Ihsan, a missionary of beautiful interiors — Well Built Interiors is committed to great design. Their clients include many homes and small businesses - but include larger design consulting projects with Agence-France Presse and Whole Foods Markets. 

Ann Blackwell

Ihsan Millikin

Ann Blackwell, LEED AP and founder of Washington, DC-based Well Built, has long championed the integration of design, commerce and environmental stewardship. Her education includes a BA in art and design with graduate studies in both architecture and interior design. With this platform she developed her finely honed communication skills by public speaking, marketing and developing strategies for sustainable practices. 

Ihsan Millikin is well-known in the Washington DC community for her exquisite interiors reflecting her design experience and global influences. Her credentials include degrees in Oriental Languages and in Interior Design. She brings years of design and management skills to Well Built.